Vitality Necklace

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Vitality Necklace is a Rare quality Necklace exclusive to the Priest class. It can be crafted with level 16 Jewel Crafting.

Vitality Necklace
Vitality Necklace
0 +1 +2 +3
Health Bonus 8 9 10 12
HP Bonus 60 70 80 100
MP Bonus 60 70 80 100

Set bonuses

Vitality Necklace gives the following set bonuses when equipped with Vitality Earring and Vitality Ring:

  • Physical Defense Bonus: 60
  • Weight Bonus: 250

Crafting materials

In addition to the following materials, 24.000 Coins are required to craft a Vitality Necklace.

Patch changes

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